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    RBH specializes in supplying forged and machined components for various industries like agriculture & forestry, hydraulics, earth moving, wind energy, railway, scaffolding, transmission. We are a well known supplier of forging parts  in Germany, Sweden, Italy, France and other EU countries. Our parent company Turbo is a renowned manufacturer of Hot Forged Closed Die Parts it has in-house facility of Die design & development, CNC Machining, Inspection & Testing, and Continuous Heat Treatment facility & ensures fast delivery of your part and also making us a one-stop source for all the forging needs.

    Our manufacturing facility is apt for drop forging/ hot forging for carbon steel, and alloy steel. It consists of

    • 2 Nos - 63KJ CNC Hydraulic Hammers
    • 1 Nos - 40KJ CNC Hydraulic Hammer
    • 1 Nos - Screw Forging Press 1000T (CNC Controlled)
    • 2 Nos - Screw Forging Press 630T (CNC Controlled)
    • 1 Nos - Screw Forging Press 300T (CNC Controlled)
    • 1 Nos - Ring Rolling Machine 80-250mm(CNC Controlled)
    • 2 Nos - 1.5T Belt Drop Hammers
    • 4Nos - 1.0T Belt Drop Hammers
    • 1 Nos - 300T Friction Screw Press
    • 1 Nos - 100T Friction Screw Press

    Forging are subjected to strict quality control checks throughout the entire forging cycle to meet specific requirements. From raw material selection, die development, cutting and forging processes are carried out in pre-specified manner. Samples are checked for dimensional accuracy, metallurgical soundness, and mechanical specifications. In-house Heat Treat Capabilities enhance the total control over the manufacturing of quality forging.