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    Our group companies manufacturing facility is equipped with complete hardening and tempering line comprising of

    • 1 Nos. Continuous Normalizing, Isothermal Annealing, Quenching & Tempering Line (Gas - Fired)
    • 1 Nos. Continuous Normalizing and Quenching Line (Gas - Fired)
    • 3 Nos. Gas Carburizing / Nitriding Batch Type Hardening and Tempering Furnaces
    • 1 Nos. Drop Quenched Furnace for Aluminum parts
    • 2 Nos. Bell Type Furnaces for Normalizing / Annealing
    • 1 Nos. Shaker Hearth, Electric, Quenching & Tempering Furnace for Fasteners
    • 1 Nos. Induction Hardening : 100KW/ 30KHz Dual Spindle with 600mm Vertical Scanner
    • 1 Nos. Seal Quench & Tempering Machine is under installation

    We have in house facility for hot dip galvanizing, painting, electro galvanizing, Zinc Nickel alloy plating, mechanical Zinc plating and powder coating.