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    We are solution providers for Aluminum gravity die casting products. Our parent company is proud of its latest generation machinery. We supply batches that start in size from small productions right up to those involving several thousand pieces. We supply the product with any required type of finishes, machining and heat treatments. Our setup has following features-GDC machine with a 90 degree tilt able system, GDC machine with non- tilt able system. 5 tables with size: 600mm x 600mm, 3 tables with size: 500mm x 750mm. 1 table with size: 1200mm x 1200mm, 3x 200kg Aluminum melting & holding furnace, 2x 300kg Aluminum Melting & Holding Furnace. Currently we are casting LM4, LM6, LM9 AISi10, AISi12, AISi10Mg grades. We are available for special production requests. We offer customized production to meet the needs of each customer.